Hotel boilers

This week we were called to carry out the annual Gas Safety Inspection on the boilers at a large hotel and conference centre.

All of the appliances were OK, apart from one Ferroli Hi-Flow that had a split heat exchanger and had to be condemned. We are currently working with the hotel to determine the best replacement boiler for their needs.

Split Heat Exchanger

Water in Ferroli boiler from split heat exchanger

Do you need an annual Gas Safety Inspection for your commercial premises?

In short, if you have any form of gas appliance within your commercial premises, the answer is yes.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 states:

Part F 35
It shall be the duty of every employer or self-employed person to ensure that any gas appliance, installation pipework or flue installed at any place of work under his control is maintained in a safe condition so as to prevent risk of injury to any person. Part F 36(3)(a) Ensure that each appliance and flue to which that duty extends is checked for safety within 12 months of being installed and at intervals of not more than 12 months since it was last checked for safety.

Part F 35(3)(c)
Ensure that a record in respect of the appliance or flue so checked is made and retained.

Benefits of Regular Appliance Maintenance

  • You will be covered under the latest legal requirements
  • Your building occupiers will be safe
  • Your fuel efficiency can be improved
  • The equipment’s lifespan will be increased
  • Equipment reliability will be increased and breakdowns reduced
  • Problems with heating will be reduced

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